WHILE THE CAT'S AWAY > Saga Film / Barok Films Copenhagen 2003

A Dancefilm by Helena Jónsdóttir

ABOUT THE FILM: A competition was held in all of the nordic countries for 5 minute dancefilms. The competition took place in each country and many ideas were presented and 6 from each country were developed until 2 were picked out to go into full production. 1 of the 2 from Iceland was Helena Jónsdóttir's "While the cat's away..." a film about an elderly woman that lives with her daugter, and plays around while her daughter is not at home. From the competition came 10 films that have been shown on TV and film festivals all over the world under the brand "Moving North".

THE MUSIC: This was my first assignment where I had to take care of all sounds and write the music for a film and one of my most educational ones. We took the point that the old woman would have a favourite song and that the singer would be her "lover". The song had to be old-fashioned but enjoyable, and have the ability to swing swiftly to the emotions that are presented each time in the film. The song came easily and even though the film was not cut to the song it fitted amazingly well when I began to adapt it to the edited film. The cuts are sharp and the music underlines the emotions in it's simple and easily understood way - a true rollercoaster.

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While the cat's away (music demo)

While the cat's away (music only)

A short exsample (.mov 1,62mb)

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