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Contemporary dance, written and performed by Olof Ingolfsdottir

THE DANCE: This is a solo dance that takes place in a party. Olof Ingolfsdottir expresses a woman that no one notices and she has a hard time fitting in and her mind wanders off in different directions inbetween her attemts to participate in the fun. The dismissal of the party guest goes as far as literally steppng on her as if she is a doormat, and as the party goes on her attempts more desperate and the mind-wanderings more dramatic. The dance was shown at the Reykjavik Dance Festival in the Reykjavik City Theater 2003.

THE MUSIC: Olof had picked music for the mind-wanderings but needed a true party song to express the fun at the party. For the fantasies she had chosen music by Michael Nyman, J.S. Bach, Shostakovitsch and more brilliant works, so my music had to be a carefree contrast to that, so the song Party, Party hahaha was born. To keep the spirit I did everything as fast as I could, and recorded whatever came to my mind (e.g. the percussion is wine and beerbottles). It was all recorded in 4 hours and mixed in 1 hour. The music exsample says all there is to say.

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Party Party hahaha

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