REVOLUTION OF THE MIDDLE AGED > Reykjavik City Theater > 2002

Contemporary dance, written and performed by Olof Ingolfsdottir and Ismo-Pekka Hekkinheimo.

Lights: Yukka
Costumes and make-up:
Music: Hallur Ingólfsson

THE DANCE: This piece is about a middle aged couple that have a firm everyday life but do not connect very well between each other. Their life seems to be eventless and frustraited. But as their story goes on they go through different things that make them discover new sides of themselves and their spouse. This piece is both hilarious and deeply dramatic at the same time.

THE MUSIC: I decided to go by their taste and write something old fashioned and tacky music that could be beautiful and painful when it was needed. I used one song that I arranged differently to fit the schenes in the story. A part of the music is written in a way that has no logical continuity, but I let each chord that I think best fits the chord before follow, and go chord by chord, so it is not really a song but a sequence of chords that go by their own reason of beauty instead of a logical repetition like in a usual song. A good exsample of this is "Depession".

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Everyday Life


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