PLAN B > Reykjavik City Theater 2001

A contemporary dance by Olof Ingolfsdottir, performed by the Icelandic Ballet Group.

Music by Hallur Ingolfsson

PLAN B: The dancers were active in the creative process, where uncertainty was apparent and not always clear where things were going. But it is unnecessary to let the unexpected be a surprise. "Not everything goes according to plan" is a saying that is not well known, but has none the less a serious amount of truth to it. We plan for things that have not happened yet, in the near or far future. But very rarly can we forsee everything and a lot can happen that will affect the plan. In such a case it is good to have a Plan B. If plan "A" does not work, plan "B" can go in process. And likewise if plan B does not pan out either, then hopefully someone can come up with a plan C. But let us not forget that all changes bring new possibilities.

THE MUSIC: I stirred together a swing-beat, a hippy like acoustic guitar and so-called "daba-dabb" vocals as you could often hear in good times in the movies of the 60's, sung by a young girl (Thelma Hafthorsdottir). The aim of the music in Plan B is to make a light and fun athmosphere where "carefree" is the keyword.

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Plan B

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