OPEN SOURCE > The Reykjavik City Theater 2003


Dance/Theater project by Helena Jónsdóttir.

Performers: Thor Tulinius, Guðmundur Olafsson, Sigrun Edda Bjornsdottir, Gudmundur Elís Knudsen og Katrín Johnsen

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
Video: Elísabet Ronaldsdottir
Costumes: Filippia Elisdottir
Text: Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson
Music: Tapani Rinne og Hallur Ingolfsson

THE PROJECT: Open Source was one of 9 projects that were selected for a dance/theater competition by the City Theater and the Icelandic Ballet Group in june 2003. Open Source won that competition. Open source is a fantastic play bitween text, motion and a video recording that is hard to describe. It was based on a video recording of a lecture by Florian Kramer that was projected on a screen. The motions he uses to express himself become source of the motions of the dancers and his words become source of the text of the actors and then it is improvised further by the performers.

THE MUSIC: Helena had gotten permission to use the music of the Finnish composer Tapani Rinne, but she wanted some contrast to his music. Something that would link the piece together and make it more whole. I made a little and fragile piano theme and put the sound of an 8mm film projector with it and the melody keeps repeating over and over, ceating the athmosphere of the silent movies in between the dark power of Tapani Rinne's computer music. These two soundscapes switched between each other along with the athmosphere on the stage.

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