MAN IS ALWAYS ALONE > Reykjavik City Theater 1999

Contemporary dance by Olof Ingolfssdottir, performed by the Icelandic Ballet Group at the Reykjavik City Theater.

Music by Hallur Ingolfsson

THE DANCE > The piece is in 3 episodes, performed by 5 dancers that do the same movements, each in their own way and at their own pace. 5 solos that are very similar but not syncronized. Inbetween we get a closer look at each character. The thought behind the piece is that even though we walk in the same direction as others on the same street, everyone is doing a different thing while doing the same as everyone else. Each has their own experience and view on the same things. Two men are climbing a mountain, one enjoys the view and the trip while the other is all the time thinking about reaching the top. Even when in a group, Man is always alone.

Man is always alone is the piece that the Icelandic Ballet Group has shown most frequently and in most countries.

THE MUSIC > As the dance is about everyday life we decided to somewhat ordinary music. Old fashoned songs with a dash of drama.

The music was released on a CD along with the music by Skarrenekkert for Katrin Hall's dance NPK. It was selected as one of the best CD's of the year 1999 by the critics of Morgunbladid (Iceland's biggest newspaper).

[ M U S I C _ E X S A M P L E S ]

Man is always alone I

Man is always alone II

Man is always alone III