A Radioplay 15 episodes, apapted and translated by Bjarni Jónsson, bbased on a book by Leena Lehtolainen, directed by Hjálmar Hjálmarsson.

Main actors: María Pálsdóttir, Steinn Ármann Magnússon, Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir, Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir, Katla Margrét Þorgeirsdóttir, Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir og Þórunn Magnea Magnúsdóttir.

Sound editing: Hjörtur Svavarsson
Music: Hallur Ingólfsson
Accordion: Tatu Kantomaa

THE STORY: In Rosenberg's shelter for women, women can get peace and help. No males are allowed inside. Around it is a quiet and snowy forest. Beneath a thick tree you can see pink satin swaying in the wind.., and a womans body. The hostess of the shelter is dead - most likely murdered. How can it happen that such violence has managed to reach Rosenberg? Have males been there after all - or is the murderer a woman? Did evil kom from within? Maria Kallio, a young police detective is responsiblye for the investigation. The case is difficult and questions about sex, conseption, physical and mental violence begin to haunt her and pull her into the case in a more personal way than she is comfortable with.

THE MUSIC: Hjálmar suggested that we should blend finnish tango with simple 70's suspence music (a-la Kill Bill) and wanted to get the finnish accordion genius Tatu Kantomaa to play on the recordings. I took the challenge immediately and did my best. This was my first assignment in my new studio and one of the rare exceptions that I get help from a real musician. Both experiences were very pleasant.

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the lady in the snow