LES LIASIONS DANGEROUSES > EKKA Dancetheater / City Theater 2003

Script by EKKA Dancetheater based on the book by Chaderlos de Laclos "Les Liasions Dangerouses"

Director: Aino Freyja Jarvela
Assistant Director: Hrefna Hallgrimsdottir

Mertaul: Vala Þorsdottir
Valmont: Jon Pall Eyjolfsson
Chavalier Danceny: Agnar Jon Egilsson
Cecile de Volance: Kolbrun Anna Bjornsdottir
Tourvel: Kristjana Skuladottir
Lights: A lfred Sturla Bodvarsson
Costumes: Gudrun Larusdottir
Hair: Saeunn Osk Unnsteinsdottir
Make-up: Elin Reynisdottir

Music: Hallur Ingolfsson and Ingibjorg Stefansdottir

ABOUT THE PLAY: Many adaptations have been made after Chaderlos de Laclos book "Les Liasions Dangerouses" and at least 2 movies have been based on that story. The book is a collection of letters that are sent between people and tell the events from the view of each character. EKKA DanceTheater improvised their own script from the main characters in the book. The plot is complicated and hard to describe in few words. Les Liasions dangerouses has often been described as "Emotional Sadism" and that is pretty much to the point. Emotions, sex and deception are the toys and weapons of the persons that compete in hurting and decieveing each other with horrible conclusions for everyone that comes near them.

ABOUT THE MUSIC: EKKA DanceTheater wanted to underline the spirit of competition by having the element of traditional dancing competition as in "Strictly Ballroom". The music is thereforebased on that traditional form. We thought this was a great idea to take this music that usually goes "in one ear and out the other" and make it more dramatic and sinister. So even though it would be "straight" on the surface the sinister would be coming through, just as in the characters in the story. They go through the routine steps but underneath there is malice.

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