THE FLATEY MYSTERY - Crimestory > RUV 2003

Radio-play in 10 episodes, Based on the book by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson

Radio play adaptation by:

Director: Hjalmar Hjalmarsson

THE STORY: When a dead body is found on a small sea cliff in Breidafjordur in june 1960 an unexperinced state official is sent to Flatey to investigate the case. The investigation spreads to Reykjavik and to other countries. Most part of the story happens in Flatey island and rotates around the Book of Flatey, an old script from the 15th century and a riddle that is hidden in it. The solution to that riddle is connected to the solution of the murder case.

THE MUSIC: Here is a murder mystery that takes place in a small fishing village in 1960. I used a "challenge and response" between accordion and an old fashioned guitar, both playing "crime melodies" to get a feeling for the time and the place, and make the suspense that fits a crime mystery. To get the connection to the old script and it's ghosts and the horror of the murders I used spooky percussion and glued it all together a drive it slowly onward with a heavy upright bass.

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The Flatey Mystery