ERLING > Loftkastalinn Theater / Freyvangur (2003)

Theater script by Axel Hellstenius, based on the book "Brothers in blood" by Ingvar Ambjornsen. Translated and adapted by Hallgrimur Helgason

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson

Erling: Stefan Jonsson
Kalli Bjarni: Jon Gnarr
Freyja, Gunnhildur, Karen: Hildigunnur Þrainsdottir

Frank: Gisli Petur Hinriksson, Skuli Gautason

Set design, props and costumes by Axel Hallkell Johannesson
Lights by Bjorn Bergsteinn Gudmundsson, Ingvar Bjornsson
Music by Hallur Ingolfsson

Produced by Blueeyes productions and Akureyri theater

THE STORY: Erling and Kalli are 40 year old men that have gotten an apartment after their stay at an asylum. Now they have to learn to stand on their own feet and function in everyday life. It is not as easy as it seems for those multi fobic individuals. At first they don't want to leave the apartment, don't answer the telephone and don't answer when the doorbell rings. But they long for the freedom that the new apartment offers and slowly they manage to find their way in this new reality and even though they can never be considered normal they manage to overcome their weaknesses and let their dreams come true in their unique way. Exceptionally funny and tragic story of two defect individuals that manage to conquer their own limitations.

THE MUSIC: In the beginning we decided to make a theme that would grow with Erling and Kalli through the story. It had to be simple, beautiful and a little strange like them but above all human. All the music is based on this theme, even though sometimes it goes a lot outside that frame. As the characters are very basic, they got a basic instrument each to express their character, Erling the acoustic guitar and Kalli the upright bass. But sometimes they go electric. All soundeffects that were not performed onstage were mainly performed with their instruments as well. The music follows them through the story and it is very versatile even though it is all built on the same theme. From minimalistic acoustics to spy-jazz, anxiety-acid , caféaccordion, pornofunk to computerpop, and not to forget the influence from Erling's favourite musician, Roger Whittaker. To keep the human element, there was no perfectionism in the musical performances, the creative energy kept flowing and all programming kept minimal.

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New Apartment

Let's have a drink!

First time out alone


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