THE STORY OF THE BLUE PLANET > Hjalmar Hjalmarsson 2003

A radio play in 14 episodes based on the book by Andri Snaer Magnason.

Adapted and directed by Hjalmar Hjalmarsson

Music by Hallur Ingolfsson

Play recorded and assembled by Georg Magnusson

THE STORY: On a blue planet far away in outer space live children that don't grow up to be adults. They are practically wild-children as no one tells them what to do. They sleep where they get tired and eat when they are hungry and play wherever they want. They like their lives as it is and enjoy nature and live in peace with it and each other. One night and star lands on the beach and out of the explotion steps a creature that at first seems to be a space monster. But it really is Glaumur Geimmundsson a travelling space-vacuum-cleaner salesman. Glaumur is a real joker and charms the children with endless jokes and tricks. He does not think much of the childrens adventures and manages to sell them fulfilment of new dreams and adventures in exchange for "a few drops of youth". Soon the children are flying, they never have to bathe and it is always high noon after Glaumur fastens the sun over their island. After the great flying contest the main characters land on the other side of the planet where there is always darkness. There they have to face the consequences of their doings. With the help of the "ghost children" they manage to get back home where they try to change things back to normal. But their gray haired friends are not as eager to let go of their new achievements.

THE MUSIC: The story happens in outer space but is about children who enjoy the unspoiled nature. We decided to put emphasis on the human and nature factor in most schenes but still with a little "space-flavour". The melody is constantly rising throughout the theme and it is bright, clean and warm. Glaumur is older and his sound is old fashioned and circus clown-like. The ghost children get the same basic theme as the other children but it is damaged and reduced and dark. The music rises and declines with the story.

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