Since Hallur bought a drumkit for the money he got for confirmation gifts, he has been in many rock bands. The highlights being Gypsy the winner of the Icelandic band contest, Ham, and his own band Thirteen that has released 4 CD's in the whole of Europe. When starting Thirteen Hallur started experimenting with various instruments to get his musical ideas across, and on the last 2 cd's he has done everything himself. Writing the music, playing all instruments, recorded and mixed. This is the way it has been in all his work for dance and theater.

"I am not particularily good at all the instruments I play, but it often takes less time for me to stumble through the parts myself, than explaining them to others. There is also freedom and excitement when you don't know what you are doing. It's more "playing with instruments", and it often gives more character than with the "service" of a professional player".

Hallur is known for his surprises and having a very versatile style that is at the same time easily recognisable. His works are often raw and rough, simple and sometimes childish, but above all, human.

"A lot of the music I do is only heard once by the audience. It has to capture them right away. It is always a challenge to get your ideas across in a way that the audience understands immediately. For me it is easier to connect to raw and imperfect music, it harmonises better with my emotions and how I experience things. Better than something polished and accurate, though I can admire that too - just from a more distance".

"The digital revolution has been a revolution for music too. I use technology a lot. It gives me an opportunity to edit and move things around, make them longer or shorter until a desired result. It is a great tool that adds a grat deal to the possibilities, but it does not necessarily make better music. It's all best mixed together".